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Tree Stump Removal in Sydney

After a tree is removed, stump grinding is a service that we offer to remove the tree stump in order to allow a garden bed to be replanted or so that the area can be landscaped. Statewide Tree Service can provide tree stump removal sydney or tree stump grinding for large tree stumps as well as small tree stumps. We specialize in hard to access areas.

Many arborists usually only provide tree removal services to the ground level only. That is why offer we offer a stump grinding service, because we offers a full tree service. You can be assured that with our experience and knowledge that you’re in the best of hands when you choose Statewide tree Services.

All stumps cannot be removed using a stump grinder. Professional arborists have techniques for removing difficult tree stumps.

Leveraged removal: It depends upon the situation. This method requires manual or mechanical digging around the base of the stump, detaching any roots that might be problematic, and then applying appropriate leverage through a chain block system to pull the stump out of the ground.

Manual removal: This is the hardest way to remove a tree stump, by digging it out manually. This sometimes is the only option if the stump is located in a hazardous or confined location.

Chemical removal: This method requires a chemical stump removal product to be applied onto the stump to promote the decay of the stump. Stump removers are normally made of potassium nitrate (KNO3) and take between few weeks to make the stump rotten enough for it to be removed in fragmented pieces. The limitations of this method are the use of chemicals and it lacks immediate results.

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